Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!
Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!

Dear Visitor and Future User!

In the course of developing the concept of our website, we were driven by the objective to transfer valuable and useful contents to our visitors and to organize those wanting to commence a constructive talk, or maybe joint activity within any of the professional areas covered by our business activity into a kind of community of interests.
In order to achieve this goal, as you may have already noticed, our site features a certain hierarchical duplicity:

  1. On the first level we provide a general overview about our company, products and our commitment to our customers' interests.
  2. On the second level of the hierarchy, on the other hand, there is serious work in progress. Here you find all the information clusters, which - due to their volume - could not be placed in the "vestibule" of the site aiming to provide transparency, and which may have seen there unnecessary or even disturbingly detailed.

On the so-called "workshop" you find specific data - related to specific divisions - information, which may be useful for your business or activity of interest. This data - as we wrote - appear in different forms for each division, however certain commonalities can be recognized among them. These can be classified as follows:

  • Continually broadening service range
  • Factual and practical information provision
  • Interactive surfaces, forums for communication
  • Knowledge-base structure
  • User interface facilitating data mining
  • "virtual workbench"

We draw your kind attention that the free of charge registration is a pre-requisite of entering the workshop. After completing the registration form, you will receive a notification to your electronic mailbox with your username and password. For the workshops of the different divisions separate registration, username and password is necessary. Our users have the possibility to use these identifiers in unchanged form, however - in order to remember them easy - may as well change their usernames and passwords. If you choose to modify your username and password, you can define the same ones for all four divisions.

If you would like to join the online work related to your business, please click on the "contacts" button and complete the fields of the appearing form. In case you think that the information on the public surfaces is sufficient to you, click on the "return" button.

We wish success to your work.

ELMO Intermédia Kft.