Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!
Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!

This division has been operated for five years. Our concepts regarding the development of language skills and pedagogic steps leading toward the efficient communication in a foreign language are partly based on the classical approach; however, their majority introduces new ideas.
General characteristics of our approach to language services can be summarized as follows:

  • Desire to transfer a permanent approach to and love of languages
  • Sessions in small groups segmented on the basis of existing skills, habits and learning characteristics
  • Topics of the courses are assembled and recorded on the basis of the initial language skills of the client and the objectives to be achieved
  • Internally developed educational and auxiliary materials
  • Educational activity arranged along an audited quality assurance process

The language school

Our language school has an independent premise; it employs 10 language teachers, while the number of students is 250. The site is modern but friendly: its layout ensures high-level support to achieve the set objectives.
There is considerable demand to conduct on-site language classes at our clients. Such orders are mainly received from large companies.

Customer base of the language school can be divided into the following target groups:

  • Financial institutions
  • Joint ventures
  • Information technology companies
  • Advertisement and hostess agencies
  • Law offices
  • Private customers

Beside spoken language services, we offer language skills of the following professional areas to our customers:

  • business, finances, accounting and marketing terminology
  • legal terminology
  • information technology terminology
  • environmental terminology
  • public health terminology
  • building industry, technical and engineering technology

Professional translation

We look at professional translation as a separate profession. Impeccable knowledge of the language and the familiarity with the topic of the text to be translated is only one element of it. We believe that the translation efforts can only be effective and meet all the requirements if one can find the range of ideas, style and the desired contents to be communicated by the ordering party. This requires not only the knowledge of the foreign language: impeccable competence in the Hungarian language is also a basic requirement.
Our translation agency is made up of a community of skilled translators. They are experts, we know them, we can think together with them and we can always be sure of their effectiveness.


Our professional interpreters are at your disposal, if needed, technical support (booths, audio and video technology) is available.

  • Accompanying interpretation
  • Consecutive translation
  • Lecture translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • "whispering" interpretation

  • Interpretation technology with mobile booths
  • Audio technology
  • Video and projection technology

In the "workshop" you may enrich your knowledge about our language services with further useful information, your username and password allows you to access topics, use the "cyber-teacher" electronic language tutor engine, complete online tests and join the professional dialog related to the field.