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Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!

"With its activities, ELMO Intermédia Kft. undertakes the role of an expert, authentic, creative and reliable partner on the markets of environment information management, IT, marketing communications and language school services.
Our mission in these areas is to seek out ambitious, efficient and customer-oriented solutions from both simple or short (one-minute long) processes to complex or long (several months) ones.

Although our commitment to quality is originated from the internal demand of the management and associates, our goal is to make our external and internal processes as embraceable and natural as possible for both the company management and our customers. We intend to preserve our positive reputation already established, which may appear from the regular customer satisfaction surveys. We believe that we must keep in mind the needs of our partner, even if he comes to employ our services on a regular basis. The commitment of an organization toward quality can be best measured on the way it treats its regular clients. We truly believe that it is not enough to win customers: we must also keep them by ensuring permanent quality of services.

Associates of ELMO Intermédia Kft. are highly qualified, internationally acknowledged specialists with broad expertise. Nonetheless, we must not forget that our world and environment is changing by leaps and bounds, especially because the backbone of our company is the information technology, which is probably the most dynamically developing area of our time. Our customers are surrounded by this very same eventful, sometimes perplexing space. If our goal is to find the best solutions for them, our most elementary obligation is to follow the trends and directions, and to re-educate and improve ourselves as required...
...For this purpose, we continuously provide information to our colleagues working in other areas about our currently running projects, and from time to time we arrange "home" educational lectures to introduce the given area and to transfer relevant or interesting information.

Our objective is to incorporate all events we encounter in the course of work to our quality system with the same commitment and approach we applied, when building and operating it."

Quality policy text introduced in the quality management manual of ELMO Intermédia Kft.

Management statement

"Long-term effective operation of ELMO Intermédia Kft. can only be ensured by aligning the level of our services and products to the current needs of the domestic and international market. Maintenance and improvement of our company's reputation and market position is guaranteed by the provision of the required quality and effective quality management, therefore we focus on all activities that help us in achieving our objectives by continuously improving the quality, the quality management system, as well as the product manufacturing and service provision culture..."

Excerpt from the management statement formulated in the quality management manual of ELMO Intermédia Kft.