Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!
Kattintásra nagyobb sebesség!

History of this division goes back to 1997. The need to establish the division was based on one hand on the internal necessity, on the other hand, the increasing customer demand made it necessary.
Vertical range of our marketing and communications services is broad, from basic image design to elaboration of complex campaign scenarios. A common characteristic of the orders received by the division, however, is that in all case they are related to the distinction of a company and/or product, distinguishing it from the competitors.

We aim at meeting the requirements by applying the tools listed below in the right proportion:

I. Creative contents-, design-and ergonomics planning

  • Design of Image and the related materials (business card, letter-paper etc.)
  • Advertisements, bills
  • Printed products (periodicals, books, publications etc.)
  • Design of multimedia applications (design, ergonomics, structure etc.)

II. Analysis, consultation and strategic planning

  • market analysis, market research
  • developing reports
  • developing communications strategies

III. Preparation, manufacturing

  • paper-based products
  • electronic (CD-ROM, internet, touch-screen etc.) products
  • BTL solutions

IV. A-Z project management

  • Event marketing
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations
  • Promotions
  • B2B, B2C and direct marketing activity

Our design, marketing and communication references, as well as specific information related to the activities of the division are available by entering the "workshop". The information on the conditions of commissioning is also accessible on this site.
In case you would like to share your constructive remarks with our registered users, please apply interactive mechanisms of the "workshop".