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The environment division was founded in December 1996. The basis for the structural expansion was the following:

  • Understanding the information gap in the area of environment protection
  • Understanding the positive correlation between the economical operation and the management focused on the environment
  • Knowledge of the market involved in the environment protection: establishment of information technology connection between diverse fields of the area.
  • Marketability of the applied information technology and the expertise cumulated in the area of environment protection

Long-term objective of the division is to organize the involved communities into and informal community, to provide information technology support for the exchange of experiences in the area of environment protection, as well as to facilitate technology transfer and compliance with the related regulations.

Vertical product range of the environment division

  • Development of the environmental database structured both horizontally and vertically /A Comprehensive Information System on Environment Protection (Átfogó Információs Rendszer A Környezetvédelemtől), shortly Átfogó™/
  • Editing multiplatform issues of Átfogó™
    On paper
    On multimedia CD-ROM
    On the internet
  • Professional consultation

Subject of the information management

  • Scientific achievements related to the environment protection
  • Technological developments related to the environment protection
  • Domestic and EU legal norms related to the environment protection
  • Database of environmental production and service organizations
  • Environmental educational programs
  • Environmental events, conferences, workshops
  • Environmental encyclopedia
  • Institutional system of environmental trends and professional fields
  • Regional environmental status surveys
  • Environmental press review

Contents, size and functional features of the products

  • Paper-based periodical - 4 to 5 issues per year, 70 to 80 pages, impression: 3000, professional articles, publications, targeted public: researchers, developers, tutors
  • CD-ROM - issued simultaneously, 16 000 pages of information in the above topics, impression: 3000, targeted public: all from legislation through execution to application
  • Internet site - password-protected site, updates, topicality, communication forum, targeted public: a specific mix of the above two, number of authorized users: 3000

By clicking on the "workshop" button, you can join the professional community of users involved in the environment protection, you may take part in the communication forums conducted between the authorized users, and - based on the database of Átfogó™ - you can access detailed information about the topics you are interested in.