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Main activity of ELMO Intermédia Kft. is authentic and expert contents provision and the related information technology support. Accordingly, the backbone of the market operation of ELMO Intermédia Kft. is the activity performed within the information technology division.

This division is mainly involved in software development, however the designation "design, implementation, distribution and support of information technology products" better describes the activity. A distinctive feature of our development projects is that in all cases they progress along a well-regulated - from the aspects of concept, technical content and quality aspects - process. This process starts from exploring the practical problem to resolve, continues with its abstraction from IT point of view, and then, following the development, it also encompasses promotion, introduction and support of the finished software product.

Common features of information technology products developed by ELMO Intermédia Kft. - irrespective to their function - are the following:
  • They mirror practical situations with information technology approach
  • According to the market requirements, they are characterized by hundred percent scalability
  • In the course of the development, distinguished role is dedicated to software ergonomics
  • They are developed on the basis of a certified quality management system
  • The development processes are driven by the intent of maximal compliance with international IT standards, methods and conventions
  • Introduction and/or sales strategy, promotion and marketing communication are parts of the software packages.
  • Full-scale support plays primary role during the period following the introduction
Software products can be divided into the following functional groups

Multimedia applications
  • touch-screen applications, info-consoles
  • CD-ROM publications
  • Internet sites

Administrative and expert applications

  • accounting and administrative systems
  • inventory and document administration databases
  • knowledge base management software products
  • technical design systems
You can have a deeper insight to the activities of the information technology division by clicking on the "workshop" button. Using your user name and password you can take a closer look on our development and system integration processes, you may overview industrial references, through which you may gather a number of useful ideas to manage your own issues from IT aspect. With the help of online communication conducted in the workshop, you may take active part in the process presenting the relevant philosophy of the industry: building a full-scale information technology support implemented through abstraction of real situations.